About Us


Hugh Hogan, Executive Director

Hugh became Executive Director of the van Ameringen Foundation in September 2016.  For the prior thirteen years, he was the Executive Director of the North Star Fund – a public foundation raising money and giving grants to grassroots social and racial justice organizations in New York City.  During Hugh’s tenure, North Star Fund supported issues and organizations that are also at the heart of the van Ameringen Foundation’s mission.  Hugh also grew up with a family member managing a significant mental illness.    


Prior to North Star Fund, Hugh directed the Open Space Equity Campaign for the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance.  Previously, he spent nearly a decade in western and southern Africa assisting rural farmers and urban communities to reverse the racist legacy and destructive political ecology of colonialism and Apartheid.


Hugh is a graduate of Boston College and Clark University, a two-time Switzer Environmental Leadership fellow, and the proud dad of two incredible young girls named Jane and Rachel.