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Our Mission

June 28, 2022

Deadline to submit a Letter of Inquiry for the November 2022 Grant Cycle.


February 9, 2024

Deadline to submit a Letter of Inquiry for the June 2024 Grant Cycle.

March 8, 2024

Proposals to be invited for the June 2024 Grant Cycle.

April 5, 2024

Deadline to submit invited proposal for the June 2024 Grant Cycle. 






The van Ameringen Foundation funds innovative and practical programs for early intervention, advocacy and increased accessibility of mental health services for people and communities with limited financial means and opportunities.

A Message from vAF Leadership:

The van Ameringen Foundation(vAF) Salutes our Grantee Partners, Welcomes New Leadership, and Invites Innovative Proposals for 2023. 


The van Ameringen Foundation Board salutes all our Grantees and the hundreds of dedicated frontline staff, skilled therapists, and enlightened executives who have worked tirelessly during these past two years of the Pandemic, often for far less compensation than they deserve, to make an impact on the delivery of quality mental health services to underserved communities in Philadelphia and New York City. In 2023, vAF will remain focused on mental health services, both in support of direct on the ground care models, as well supporting advocacy that seeks to bring about more parity in the availability of affordable, culturally competent, trauma informed mental health services for traditionally underserved populations.


In 2022, vAF made more grants for more dollars than ever before in the foundation’s 60 plus year history. That aggressive posture has not abated in 2023, as the vAF Board welcomes LOI’s that propose new and innovative approaches, as well as continued support for people and programs that have proven to make a difference. The mental health issues confronting Philadelphia and New York City are daunting, and we are actively seeking grantee partners who are proposing both small and large solutions. Children’s mental health care - particularly school based mental health services; culturally competent mental health services for traditionally underserved populations; wraparound mental health care in supportive housing programs; mental health and substance use treatment services for dual diagnosed individuals; and trauma informed care for low income communities affected by gun violence are particular areas of focus.


vAF’s June 2023, Grant Cycle is currently open. Letters of Inquiry (LOI’s) are being accepted for that cycle until February 17, 2023. Any interested Applicants may submit an LOI on vAF’s Grants Portal by navigating to the Apply for Grant tab. Visit this page for full updates about vAF’s 2023 application timelines, requirements, and deadlines.


This past August, vAF welcomed a new Executive Director, Marsha Cohen. Marsha, who brings 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience to her role at the van Ameringen Foundation - including as a former grantee of vAF, is excited to dive into the work of the foundation and to collaborate with vAF’s grantees and philanthropic partners to drive innovative solutions in service models and systems change.  


vAF remains humbled by the grit, competence, and innovation our grantee partners have exhibited in meeting the growing and changing demands this difficult time presents to the communities we seek to serve. We appreciate your patience with our process and welcome your feedback regarding how we might help you expedite the delivery of your service so that together we can generate the most positive impact towards increasing the access of high-quality mental health care in the Philadelphia and New York City communities we serve. Together, let’s drive the change we need in 2023.


With hopeful concern and caring,


Ken Kind, Board President

Marsha Cohen, Executive Director


On behalf of the van Ameringen Board of Directors and Staff

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