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For the remainder of 2020, the van Ameringen Foundation is broadening its scope to include food relief and other COVID-19 emergency response work, in addition to our regular grantmaking.

For the November 2020 grants cycle, we are suspending the open LOI process to prioritize new grant proposals benefitting communities and neighborhoods hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic in New York City and Philadelphia.






Like so many around the country and around the world, the Board and Staff at the van Ameringen Foundation are trying to get our feet under us as we contemplate dealing with the ramifications of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Outbreak. We want to express our respect and admiration for all of you who are providing essential services to folks in need throughout this difficult time.


We recognize that in the best of times, keeping your staffs safe and continuing to deliver vital assistance to your clients presents huge challenges. This Outbreak makes those challenges seem modest. Please know that we are thinking of you at this dire time, and that we hope you will both stay safe and continue the vital work you do to support your communities.


In the short term, the van Ameringen Foundation is joining with our philanthropic peers to support rapid response efforts in New York City and Philadelphia to protect the health and safety of the most vulnerable people in the wake of this pandemic. In the medium- to long-term, we will continue to explore how best to aid in the recovery from this crisis and to continue meeting our mission to fund innovative, practical, and accessible mental health care for people and communities with limited financial means and opportunities.

For more information about changes to our grants process for the remainder of 2020, please visit our Apply for a Grant page.

With tremendous concern and caring,

Ken Kind, President

Hugh Hogan, Executive Director


On behalf of the van Ameringen Foundation Board of Directors and Staff

The van Ameringen Foundation funds innovative and practical programs for early intervention, advocacy and increased accessibility of mental health services for people and communities with limited financial means and opportunities.

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